ISO Creator - Best ISO Files Converter

ISO Creator is a compact and fully functional application that lets the users perform different tasks with any kind of files, such as writing audio/video/photo/data to CDs, DVDs and new generation Blu-Ray discs, disc copying, burning, creating and editing ISO-images, disc erasing. The powerful ISO Creator has a very easy-to-use and understandable interface that lets you create your own audio, data and video discs effortlessly in just several mouse clicks.

ISO Creator supports writing to the following disc types: CD-R, CD-RW, CD-RW High Speed, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-RAM, BD-R, BD-RE, BD DoubleLayer-R, BD DoubleLayer-RE.

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ISO Creator

The main window consists of three principal parts:

  • Top Toolbar - toolbar with the main buttons that let the users select the content they want to process.
  • Tips Area - the central part of the ISO Creator main window where the current content caption is displayed. Directing the mouse cursor at a certain task from the Tasks Area located below a short description of the current task will be shown there.
  • Tasks Area - the lower part of the program menu with all the tasks that can be performed with the selected content.

Working with ISO Creator: Overview

Depending on the content that is processed within the tasks they are combined into following groups:

Create Data and Multimedia Discs - Under this caption sixteen similar tasks are combined, such as Create MP3 CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, Create WMA CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, Create Data CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, Create Photo CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, Burn DVD/Blu-Ray-Video, Create MiniDVD as well as Create Audio CD (its description can be found in the next section). They are used to write audio files in .mp3/.wma/.cda format, photos, data, DVD/Blu-Ray-video files to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray.

Copy Discs - The Copy Discs group comprises three tasks: Copy CD/DVD/Blu-Ray. They are used to create an exact copy of the source disc. No data will be changed and no video will be compressed on the target disc as compared to the source disc.;

Disc Images Tasks - Within this group you can find all the tasks concerning disc images. They are:Burn Disc Images - use this task to write your disc image created before onto a disc; Create ISO Images - use this task to create an image from your disc prior to recording it onto a CD/DVD/BD; Edit ISO Images - use this task to edit an image that was already created prior to recording it onto a disc.

Tools Tasks - The tasks included into this group let you get additional information or give you extra opportunities to realize your ideas. They are:Erase Discs - use this task to erase a rewritable disc prior to recording your compilation if it's not empty; Get Drive Info - use this task to learn necessary details about the selected CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive; Cover Editor - use this task to launch the ISO Creator application that lets you create different labels for optical discs and box covers, edit them and print or save into graphical files.

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