Create ISO from Hard Disc - HDD ISO Converter

HDD ISO Creator can Create ISO from Hard Disc. With HDD ISO Creator, you can easily create ISO image from any files and folders (with the subfolders) of your hard disc. HDD ISO Creator is one of the best solution to create ISO file and it's completely FREE.

Features of HDD ISO Creator: 1) Create ISO image from files, folders (with the subfolders), or data CD/DVD. 2) Create UDF/ISO image. 3) Create ISO file at a super high speed. 4) Easy to use, only 3 steps to create iso image. 5)Completely FREE!

Create ISO from Hard Disc will be a very easy thing with this functional application which lets the users perform different tasks with any kind of hard disc files to ISOs as well as editing ISO-images. Create ISO from Hard Disc has a very easy-to-use and understandable interface that lets you create your own audio, data and video discs effortlessly in just several mouse clicks.

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How to Create ISO from Hard Disc?

Before you start burning your discs you should compile a list of all the files you would like to record onto your disc.

To do that use the Add Files button that can vary from Add Files to Add DVD-Files or the Express Menu clicking the right mouse button within the Files List area and selecting Add Files. The window will open that will let you navigate through your personal computer drives and find the necessary files and folders:

Select Files/Folders window

You can use one of the buttons in the Top Toolbar of the window to find the necessary directory.

In the dropdown list situated under the Top Toolbar the whole folder tree is displayed that will help you navigate through the directories on your hard disk drive. Using the Up Button button you can easily go to a level that is parent to the current one. The Views Button button situated nearby will help you find a necessary file or folder, as it changes the view of the files/folders list - you can select among Icons, List and Details.

Select Files/Folders window

Within this window of Creator ISO from hard drive program there is also an Express Menu that helps you navigate through the folders system on your PC:

Express Menu window

  • Level up - select this option to go to a level that is parent to the current one;
  • Add - use this option to add the selected file/folder to the program for burning it to disc;
  • Views (Icons, List, Details) - select this option to change the view of the files/folders in the opened directory;
  • My Computer/My Documents/Network - use one of the options to go directly to the appropriate folder;
  • Select All - choose this option to highlight all the files/folders located in the opened folder;
  • Close- use this option to close the Select Files/Folders window.

You can also drag the files and folders from the standard Windows Explorer and drop them to the Files List Area.

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buy now! Price $39.00      download Free Trial Download